Vitamin D deficiency symptoms in adults

Vitamin D deficiencyThe term vitamin D is used to summarize various fat-soluble vitamins that regulate the calcium balance and are involved in the mineralization of the bone. On the one hand, the body absorbs vitamin D from food, on the other hand it can produce it even under the influence of sunlight.

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What is vitamin C and what is good for ?

What is Vitamin CThe (water-soluble) vitamin C, also called ascorbic acid, is probably the best known of all vitamins. It is mainly found in fresh vegetables and is involved in many metabolic processes and protects the cells from free radicals.

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How long does it take for wisdom teeth to heal?

Wisdom teeth removalThere is not enough space in the jaw bones for our wisdom teeth because the jaw bones are now smaller than the old ones.

Although some scientists say that this is a problem caused by evolution, but the main reason underlying the problem is that; foods and drinks we eat are missing from some of the main nutrients.

Wisdom teeth are third molars and are located in the back of mouth. These teeth erupt mostly between the ages 18 to 24 years. There are generally 4 wisdom teeth. 2 in the upper jaw and 2 in the lower jaw. Some people have fewer wisdom teeth, some have more than 4 wisdom teeth, but this is a rare occurrence.

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How does chemotherapy work?

chemotherapy workChemotherapy is the treatment of cancer with cytostatic drugs. It is used either as a sole therapy or in combination with other treatments. Read everything about the course of chemotherapy, what it is used for and what kind of risks it entails.

Chemotherapy is the treatment of malignant tumors with drugs called cytotoxic drugs. The term cytostasis means “cell arrest”. This means that the cytostatic agents intervene in the cancer cell proliferation cycle, thereby inhibiting tumor growth.

Since cancer cells have a particularly high rate of division, they are particularly susceptible to the cytostatic agents. However, there are other cell types in our body that multiply rapidly, such as those of the hematopoietic bone marrow or mucosa.

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Where and how does acrylamide ocur?

Acrylamide in foodAcrylamide is a chemical substance that is produced during the frying and baking of starchy foods at high temperatures.

But it is also found in tobacco smoke and coffee. Acrylamide is suspected to be carcinogenic. Read here, what foods have high acrylamide values, why this substance is dangerous and how you can avoid it.

Acrylamide in foodstuffs forms when these are heated strongly (over 120 degrees Celsius). However, only if the respective food is carbohydrate-rich, because acrylamide needs for its formation both the protein building block asparagine and sugar – and nothing else is carbohydrates.

This explains why, for example, meat, although it is sprouted, remains free from acrylamide. Chips, on the other hand, consist of potato slices, which contain both asparagine and starch. The frying process then promotes the formation of acrylamide.

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Alcoholism symptoms on body

Alcoholism symptoms on body

Alcoholism symptoms

Alcohol addiction is not a weakness of character, but a widespread mental illness which can affect everyone. It affects people from all levels of life, young and old, women and men.

Most people in World consume more or less alcohol. But when does one speak of an alcohol dependency and how can one treat it? Read here everything important about alcohol consumption.

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What is the function of potassium in the body?

Potassium function Potassium belongs to the mineral elements and is found especially in cereals, vegetables and fruits. But it is also present in foods of animal origin.

Adults need about two grams of potassium daily. Potassium is included in many foods, normally the needs of potassium are covered with a normal diet. Potassium deficiency is rare.

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Vitamin b12 deficiency symptoms

Vitamin B12 (cobalamin) belongs to the vitamin B complex and is the only water-soluble vitamin that the body can store over several years.

Vitamin B12 is especially important for the formation of red blood cells, the function of the nervous system and the regeneration of the mucous membranes.

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What can you do after cataract surgery?

After cataract surgeryIf you do not have another health problem, your cataract surgery will go through smoothly and it will be done in a short time. Statistics reveal that the rate of providing a very good vision after a successful cataract surgery is quite high.

An uncomplicated cataract surgery lasts an average of 10 minutes and you will need to rest to get rid of anesthesia and malaise after surgery.

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Aloe vera health benefits and side effects

Aloe vera health benefitsAloe vera is an approved remedy for constipation, which should not be taken too long. In addition, aloe vera gel and aloe vera juice are applied externally for wound healing. Aloe vera is still given a healing effect in many other areas.

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