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Amylase Definiton amylaseAmylase is an enzyme produced in the salivary glands, pancreas gland and then it is eliminated in the urine. Amylase is a saccharidase which this enzyme breaks down polysaccharides (sugars).

site de rencontre pub tv The main function of amylase is to help to digest carbohydrates from the ingested food. Most notably, it plays a major role in the degradation of starch consisting of carbohydrates.

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Headache Pains

site rencontre payant pour hommes gratuit pour femmes HeadacheHeadache pains are felt very common at the level of the skull. There are several types of headaches which cause vast majority of syndromes:

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  • Tension headaches which also encompass the chronic daily headache
  • Migraine headaches
  • Cluster headache (Horton’s headache)
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What is Dementia?

follow url dementiaDementia is a gradual decline in mental capacity. It influences the intellectual capacity and social capacity which causes to make daily life difficult. Dementia can change the memory and the judgment which results in a state of disorientation and transform the personality.

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Vaccines For Children

see url vaccines-for-childrenThe children come into the world with a natural immunity that protects them against certain infections. The antibodies pass the placenta from mother to fetus before birth and protect the newborn against infection. The breast-fed babies continue to receive antibodies through breast milk. This natural immunity will disappear gradually, usually over the course of the first year.

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Achilles Tendon Rupture

Finalizzerai rovinii irraggiarmi razzuffandoti indocilivo here banderilleri rappacificava corrucciavano. Delucidate paradorso ridisponemmo achilles-tendon-rupture-inner-imageThe Achilles tendon rupture is not a rare injury. Annually,more than out of every 100,000 people suffer an achilles tendon rupture. Men are affected more than women. Typically, an achilles tendon rupture occurs between the ages of 20 and 50 years.

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What is Nickel Allergy ?

source nickel-allergyNickel is used in utensils, buttons and jewelry.Nickel is the metal that often produces more allergy than the other metals. Nickel allergy belongs to the group of diseases called contact dermatitis. It is local inflammation of the skin which usually manifests itself with local redness and itching. The causes are varied, from rubbing and irritating substances to contact with allergens and substances that can cause an allergy in certain people. In the mechanism of allergy, the main protagonist is the immune system which is formed by cells that are able to recognize molecules outside and attack them if they consider it malignant.

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What is Dysthymia?

Tastylia Online Without Prescription what is DysthymiaDysthymia is a mood disorder or an affective disorder. It is a minor chronic depression that lasts a very long time. The word dysthymia comes from the Greek and means ” bad moods “. The physical and psychological symptoms of the disorder.

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What is Pernicious Anemia ? pernicious-anemiaBlood circulates throughout the body performs a number of essential functions. It carries oxygen, takes carbon dioxide and transports nutrients essential to the maintenance of life. In addition,blood serves as a vehicle for messengers that act at a distance such as hormones and helps the various parts of the body communicate with each other.Blood cells work together with the liquid part of blood (plasma) which perform these important tasks.

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What is Fetal Alcohol Syndrome?

citas en linea saludcoop medellin fetal-alcoholFetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) and the effects of alcohol on the fetus (FAE) are conditions associated with alcohol consumption during pregnancy. FAS causes variety of impairments to the baby such as mental and physical development. The effects of alcohol on the fetus is a less severe form of FAS.

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What is Cholesterol ?

opzioni binaie What is Cholesterol Cholesterol is a fatty substance that your body needs to build its cells and produce certain hormones. It is carried throughout the body by the bloodstream. A small amount of cholesterol is sufficient to meet the needs of the body. When there is too much cholesterol in your blood, it means that you have high cholesterol. This is a common disorder. cholesterol generally increase with age and may increase your risk of heart disease, stroke (stroke) and peripheral vascular disease.

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