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How To Treat Guillain-Barré syndrome Guillain-Barré syndrome (also called polyradiculoneuritis) is an unusual disorder in which the immune system mistakenly attacks the nervous system, causes acute inflammation and damages to certain nerves in the body. This leads to symptoms such as muscle weakness, ascending paralysis and other symptoms. That is why, it must be treated very quickly to avoid the patient’s life in danger.

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What is Esophagitis?\( What is EsophagitisThe esophagus is the part of the digestive system that connects the mouth to the stomach. It is separated from it by a valve that is the lower esophageal sphincter and has the function to prevent food and gastric juices to go up from stomach.

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here Esophagitis is the inflammation of the mucosa of the inner layer of the esophagus and that can be due to different causes.

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What Causes Hemorrhoids?

best online binary options broker What Causes HemorrhoidsHemorrhoids are dilated veins that form in the anus or rectum. It is normal that the veins of the anal region swell slightly at the time of defecation. But unlike the normal veins, hemorrhoids remain dilated all the times. In this article, you will learn what causes hemorrhoid.

rencontre femme voilée Approximately 1 adult in 2 over the age of 50 years is suffering from hemorrhoids. Constipation, pregnancy and the loss of tone of the tissues with age are the main causes. In pregnant women, hemorrhoid symptoms usually disappear after childbirth.

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Small Intestine Cancer Symptoms

binary options demo uk Small intestine cancer symptomsThe small intestine is the part of the digestive tract that connects the stomach with the large intestine. Its interior is covered by various cells that are responsible for both the secretion of substances necessary for digestion as well as the absorption of nutrients. When some of these cells become malignant, they lose control mechanisms that allow them to reproduce and die normally.This is called’’small intestine cancer’’.In this article, you will learn what small intestine cancer symptoms are.

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What is Corneal Abrasion

follow link What is Corneal AbrasionAbrasion or corneal ulcer occurs when the outer and transparent layer of the eye suffers an injury that is usually caused by minor scratches or lacerations. These injuries are very painful. After healing of these injuries, they can cause scar on the cornea.In many cases, abrasion corneal requires surgery to correct it. The eyes are one of the most sensitive parts of the human body because of the important function they perform, of course this function is vision. That is why they are well protected by eyelids and eyelashes, as well as the involuntary reflex that causes us to close our eyes quickly to avoid damages, tearing and removes particles from the ocular surface.

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Diet For Irritable Bowel Syndrome

comment faire des rencontres apres un divorce Diet for Irritable Bowel SyndromeThe irritable colon or colitis is a syndrome that affects up to 20% of the population and leads to a poor bowel movement, swelling and pain in the abdomen. Knowing how to live with this syndrome is close related with how to adapt to the dietary needs that we will have to follow from now on to alleviate this discomfort and achieve a better quality of life. From now on, you will have to exclude common foods and consume other foods with nutritional characteristics which are more appropriate to this disease.In this article , you will learn an irritable bowel diet that will be very beneficial to improve the symptoms of this syndrome.

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How To Know If I Have High Cholesterol

see url What is CholesterolCholesterol is one of the most common ailments in our society. Our food is increasingly compromised by the pace of life so frantic that we do not allow us to eat well. Lack of time, fatigue or stress can make us not have too much time to cook. That is why, we end up consuming canned food, pre-cooked or fast food.This bad habit of eating makes us fill our body with harmful elements such as transgenic fat, toxins, and so on. All of these can lead to the onset of diseases such as high cholesterol.

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Benefits of Watermelon Benefits of WatermelonThe watermelon we consume today is known under the botanical name as ‘’ Citrullus Lanatus’’. This is very sweet species of this fruit obtained through the whole history. Its native land is Kalahari Desert (African continent). Watermelon had a much more bitter taste and was not pleasant to the palate.

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What is Muscle Weakness?

top annonces 06 rencontres Muscle Weakness The human being has over 600 muscles which works together with the joints and allow you to move and exert force. If this force decreases, then there can be muscle weakness. For example, after a hard week of work or after a physical overload, you have the feeling of being loose and weak. Muscle weaknesses can also be an indication of a nervous or internal disease and can be symptom of paralysis.

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What is Skin Abrasion?

What is Skin Abrasion?Abrasion wound has usually an irregular shape and is accompanied by intense pain. Skin abrasion can be infected frequently and skin abrasion is accompanied by suppuration and a moderate inflammatory component in the adjacent skin. Depending on the accident, the abrasions may contain foreign bodies and a lot of dirt inside or around it. If lesion only affects the most superficial layers of the skin, it does not usually produce bleeding and is more difficult to be infected.

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