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What is Pressure Ulcer? What is pressure ulcer and what causes itPressure ulcers mainly affect people who have long periods of rest due to their old age, illness or paralysis. This situation favors the development of ulcerous lesions in the parts of the body that press against a surface.

fare tradimg con pochi soldi A pressure ulcer may appear when the area of ​​the skin is subjected to a pressure for a long time and there is no displacement to relieve the position of the body. All parts of the body that are not protected by muscles or fatty tissue against the pressure produced by the position may develop decumbent ulcers: Sacral region, the heels, the minor trochanter of the femur and the ankles. If preventive measures are not taken in patients at high risk of pressure ulcer, the affected areas redden and evolve to lesions with blisters. As a result, the tissue becomes necrotic. A pressure ulcer can deepen until reaching the periosteum.

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What Are Chiggers?

go Chigger and chigger typesChiggers are very small creatures. It is very diffucult to see or to notice them with naked eye. Chiggers are also called as berry bugs, harvest mites, red bugs, scrub-itch mites and aoutas in many regions. They are red in color and have six or eight legs due to types of chiggers. Chiggers mainly live in forests, damp areas such as woodlands, gardens, lakes, streams, lawns and golf courses. They live in everywhere in the world where enviroment is suitable for their mechanism to survive. There are two types of chigger, adult and juvenile (larvae) chiggers. Juvenile is called larvae chigger which you must watch out this type of chigger. Because, juvenile chiggers bite humans and animals and cause some reactions on the skin. Their color are mostly red,orange,yellow or straw-colored and smaller than 0.3 millimeters long.

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Who is at risk for diabetes?

follow link  Risk for diabetes and symptomsThere are many factors that intervene in the onset of diabetes whether it is type I or type II. But, the  truth is that there are combinations of circumstances that may increase the risk of suffering from it. Although some of the factors are inevitable as the case of genetics, some can prevent and take appropriate measures to reduce them. In this article, we explain to you in detail who is at risk for diabetes.

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What is duodenal ulcer?

rencontres amoureuses au senegal Causes of duodenal ulcerA duodenal ulcer is a benign lesion that manifests as deep and widespread damage to the wall of the duodenum. Duodenal ulcers are approximately four times more frequent than gastric ulcers.

dating success with herpes The most common cause of a duodenal ulcer is a hypersecretion of gastric juice. There are other factors, such as certain medications, nicotine or stress which may favor the development of a duodenal ulcer. In addition, bacterial infections produced by Helicobacter pylori, for example, play a key role in the development of a duodenal ulcer.

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Fruit allergy

go site Furit allergy and its causesMany people suffer from allergy to fruit, this is one of the food indispensable group in the food chain. Fruits contribute to the food balance because of its  content in fiber, vitamins and minerals. One fact that makes them so important is that they are practically the only food group  along with vegetables  which brings vitamin C to the diet (if we exclude enriched processed foods). Fortunately, the wide variety of fruits that we have today allow us to include them in our daily diet according to our tastes, building power and increasing the tolerance to any of them.

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What is Urticaria? What is Urticaria and its complicationsUrticaria is a complex skin hypersensitivity reaction. Itching usually occurs. It is part of the skin diseases with major incidence worldwide. The statistical probability of having hives throughout life is around 20%.  Urticaria is not contagious.

source The term urticaria derives from Latin urtica, which means nettle. Urticaria is characterized by symptoms that are comparable to those that appear after having contact with nettles: a rash of the rash type that produces a lot of pruritus (itching). In almost half of the cases of urticaria there is also an extensive inflammation of the tissue of the deep dermis and of the hypodermis or certain areas of the basal membranes of the mucous membranes. This results in a condition called angioedema.

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What is Urethritis?

see url What is Urethritis and its causesUrethritis is an inflammation of the urethral mucosa whose symptoms are usually flow, pain and burning during urination. Urethritis diagnosed on time and with correct treatment has a good prognosis.

go site Urethritis can be classified depending on the causes, specific or non-specific. Specific urethritis is the most common. Its origin are sexually transmitted bacteria that cause a venereal disease called gonorrhea. Nonspecific urethritis may also be caused by infections with certain pathogens, but also by non-infectious or mechanical allergic irritations. In the non-specific form, a chlamydial infection is acquired through sexual transmission.

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What is Muscle Dysmorphia?

Muscle DysmorphiaThe obsession with gymnastics, bodybuilding and drug abuse to increase muscle mass is a condition called’’muscular dysmorphia’’. People with muscle dysmorphia perform compulsive exercises in gyms, restrictive diets or even can abuse substances harmful to health in order to achieve the desired body.

naprosyn ec.500 mg.20 tb Muscle dysmorphia is considered a bodily dysmorphic, because the person who suffers from this condition perceives itself as thin and weak, although people who have muscle dysmorphia is really muscled and presents obsessive behaviors as far as the practice of exercise and the restrictive and structured feeding. 80% of people with muscle dysmorphia are men, and most are between 18 and 35 years old. A person with muscle dysmorphia can spend more than 3 hours a day thinking about their muscles.

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How To Reduce Triglycerides

olmesartan medoxomil 40 mg hydrochlorothiazide How To Reduce TriglyceridesTriglycerides are a type of fat which is found to a greater extent in animal protein. The normal values in the blood are less than 150 mg / dL, between 150 mg / dL to 199 mg / dL levels are considered to be at the limit. If this level is more than 200 mg / dl, it is high. When a blood test indicates that they are too high, several measures should be applied right away because our health is at risk.

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High Estradiol Levels

mobic meloxicam 6mg Estradiol is female sex hormone and an estrogen. Until recently, it was believed that these hormones were only found in the woman’s body, however, we now know that we also find this hormone in the testicles of man. Being a hormone, it is responsible for carrying out different processes in the body, most of them related to the sexual organs. Therefore, a mismatch in your levels can cause changes in the way the body carries out these processes.

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