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Blood Clots During Menstruation

Blood clots in menstruation are masses that form when blood hardens to a solid subtance. The presence of blood clots during menstruation is a common occurrence and is not considered serious in most cases. This occurs especially at night, when blood during the menstrual phase accumulates longer and  coagulates. However, it is no more than a body mechanism whose function is to stop bleeding by creating anticoagulants. In this article from, we will explain to you the possible causes of the blood clots in the menstruation to know why the formation of these small masses occurs and in what situations you should go to the doctor.

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What is vertigo?

What causes to vertigoVertigo causes an unpleasant alteration of spatial orientation or balance. People who are affected have the sensation that their body or space that surrounds them turns and staggers. The causes are very diverse and can be totally innocuous.

Vertigo is not a disease in itself, but one of the most common symptoms of nervous system disorders along with headache.

Vertigo and dizziness are two different symptoms. It is essential to differentiate the vertigo concept from the concept of dizziness. These are both closely related to certain forms of vestibular pathology. The vertigo is an illusory sensation of displacement, it can be of the individual with respect to the means (subjective vertigo) or of the means with respect to the individual (objective vertigo). Side-effect dizziness is a very ill-defined sensation that occurs in different forms or that the patient feels or expresses in very different ways, generally as if something would happen that does not happen. A dizziness may be caused by insufficient oxygen supply or by hypotension.

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