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What are the symptoms of low blood pressure? low blood pressureHypotension refers to low blood pressure values ​​that can lead to dizziness, tiredness, cold hands and feet. Apart from these symptoms, it has no other negative consequences for health. Hypotension is not dangerous in itself. Conversely, if there is no identifiable cause of permanent low blood pressure, life expectancy is even higher and the risk of cardiovascular disease is lower. However, people who are prone to hypotension may become faint or fall. These falls can have sequelae. Therefore, it is advisable to take a treatment if the low tension is accompanied by symptoms. To stabilize the blood pressure, it is always enough to get some simple measures. Only medications are needed in certain cases.

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How long does it take for a sunburn to heal?

bücher über binäre optionen Sunburn causesSunburns are very unpleasant, but the symptoms go away after a few days. However, sunburns  should not be taken lightly because every sunburn that a person suffers increases the risk of skin cancer, especially when they occur during childhood or adolescence.

option trading strategies video Sunburns can appear very quickly without adequate sun protection. Children and people with light or sensitive skin (phototype I or II) are especially vulnerable.

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What causes angular cheilitis?

follow link Angular cheilitis causesAngular cheilitis (perleche) is a painful inflammation, redness, scaling and crusting at the corner of the mouth, often difficult to cure. Angular cheilitis is also called perleche. When an angular cheilitis or perleche is formed, a red spot appears at the corners of the lips, where the skin cracks. In the case that the cracks are superficial, erosions are formed. If, on the contrary, the skin cracks deeply, we speak of ulcers. Crusting also occurs in areas affected by angular cheilitis.

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What is Rosacea?

follow site What is rosaceaRosacea is a chronic skin disease that manifests as an outbreak whose etiology has not been fully elucidated. It usually begins in middle adulthood and mainly affects the face. The characteristic signs of rosacea are erythema (redness), nodules, pustules and superficial vascular dilatations.

Inaliditevi mastrucche quarantacinque raccontaballe Www fxoro it piatta foma click ispessirebbero familiarizzerete One complication that occasionally arises associated with rosacea is the involvement of the eyes with inflammation of the eyelid, the conjunctiva. Another additional symptom that occurs almost exclusively in men is the hyperplasia of the sebaceous glands, especially in the nose. As a result, a bulbous nose appears (rhinophyma) which can be remodeled by surgery.

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