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How do you get tested for celiac disease? Test of celiac diseaseA celiac disease test determines antibodies in the blood serum that are typical for gluten intolerance. In some cases, however, celiac disease is present, although the test does not show. Then further investigations are necessary to ensure the diagnosis of celiac disease.

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Symptoms Of Celiac Disease In Adults

go here  Symptoms of celiac diseaseCeliac disease is an inflammatory disease. It is triggered by a misdirected immune reaction (autoimmune reaction) on gluten protein, which is found in many cereal cultivars. 3611/ Affected individuals usually suffer from severe diarrhea and stomach aches when eating gluten-containing foods. Until now, the therapy is mainly limited to a life-long gluten-free diet.

binäre optionen online handeln Celiac disease (gluten sensitive enteropathy) is an autoimmune inflammatory disease. The body reacts with a reaction of the immune system to the gluten protein gluten. Gluten is found in most common grain varieties.

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What is a Cyst? CystA cyst is a fluid-filled cavity in the tissue which is closed by a capsule. Cysts can consist of one or more chambers and are found in various tissues or organs. The term cyst comes from the Greek word “kystis” which translates to bladder or urinary bladder. Medics distinguish real cysts and pseudocysts. Genuine cysts are lined with a layer of cells, while pseudocysts are only surrounded by connective tissue. Cysts can occur in any part of the body and at any age. They can be tiny and only recognizable with the microscope or become so large that they displace other organs or tissues.

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What is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?

follow link Symptoms of obsessionObsessive compulsive disorder is a serious mental disorder. The affected people compulsorily reintroduce the same rituals or are troubled by disturbing thoughts, which they can not escape.

go Although they recognize that their actions and fears are irrational, they can not control their thinking and actions. As soon as they try to stop them, restlessness and anxiety rise in them – and produce an increasing internal pressure, which they can not sustain in the long run.

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What is Angina Pectoris? Angina pectorisAngina pectoris means bruising and is a sudden pain in the heart. If you experience such an angina pectoris, you should immediately inform an emergency physician. Only the doctor can determine whether it is also a heart attack. Angina pectoris is characterized by a painful sensation occurring behind the sternum. This is the main symptom of an arterial calcification (arteriosclerosis) of the coronary arteries. Therefore, angına pectoris is a symptom and not a disease.

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What Are the Symptoms of HIV?

enter site Preventing aidsAIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome) is the final stage of HIV infection. The pathogen is transmitted mainly by unprotected sex and contaminated drugs. It weakens the immune system and make patients more susceptible to other diseases.

dating website 21 year old Medications prolong the life expectancy of people with AIDS. However, healing is not possible. Read here answers to all important questions about: What is AIDS, what is HIV? What are the symptoms, which treatment options are available and what is the prognosis for AIDS?

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How To Test For HIV?

AIDSAn HIV test can be used to determine whether someone has been infected with HIV – the causative agent of AIDS. In order to make an accurate statement, two tests are always carried out. The time of the investigation is also important for a meaningful result. Read more about how a quick test can detect HIV, what other testing procedures there are, and where you can have an HIV test done!

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Human Brain Anatomy

Brain AnatomyThe human’s brain weighs approximately 1,400 grams, depending on the person’s body weight and sex. However, there is no connection between the weight of an individual’s brain and his or her intelligence.

The telencephalon accounts for about 80% of the brain mass. The brain is also divided into two halves (hemispheres) connected by the corpus callosum. The brain processes sensory information, coordinates and maintains the functions of the organism.

This requires constant communication between the billions of nerve cells of the brain (neurons) through electrical impulses, which can be measured with the electroencephalogram (EEG).

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What is Colonoscopy?

ColonoscopyA colonoscopy is a diagnostic test that consists of the integral examination of the large intestine through an endoscope. The endoscope is a tube with a diameter of 1.2 centimeters with a small chamber at its end.

Colonoscopy is the safest method to detect bowel cancer prematurely because of with optics, the doctor can scan the intestinal mucosa and assess their condition. Modern colonoscopy is able to represent all images as a video and store it.

The striking points of the intestinal mucosa, as well as the possible polyps (benign predecessors of cancer), can be removed during examination through a working channel within the tube without requiring further intervention.

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What is orthorexia?

OrthorexiaOrthorexia responds to an obsessive desire to feel pure through healthy diet, total restriction of some foods, and compulsive behaviors. It can lead to serious psychological and physical problems, such as malnutrition. The obsession with healthy food is encompassed within eating disorders and is closely related to anorexia and bulimia.

The inner purity, the beauty, the health, the well-being … Many values ​​of the society in which we live can impel to lead a healthier life. Diet is a fundamental element in health, but sometimes becomes an obsession that can lead to serious health problems such as malnutrition, anemia, lack of vitamins or minerals, or even death.

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