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Respiratory syncytial virus Respiratory syncytial virusPeople who are affected by respiratory syncytial virus are mostly small children, but also adults can get sick. The symptoms can be harmless and resemble a simple cold. Severe courses can be fatal. However, the disease heals itself within a few days in most cases. The term RS virus (or RSV) stands for the English term respiratory syncytial virus: it is a virus that leads to the fusion of cells (syncytia) in the respiratory tract. The pathogen resembles the flu virus and occurs worldwide. A seasonal accumulation of outbreaks can be observed: In Europe, most people develop the respiratory syncytial virus between November and April, most often in January and February.

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Contact dermatitis signs and symptoms

ver chicos y chicas online subtitulada Contact dermatitis symptomsIn the case of contact dermatitis, the skin of affected persons react allergic to certain substances that come into contact with it. Affected areas can be reddened and can form itchy, wet and bubbles. Certain ointments can reduce the symptoms. Read all about the symptoms and treatment of a  contact dermatitis.

local social dating sites The contact dermatitis is an overlapping reaction of the immune system to a certain substance with which the skin has come into contact. The affected areas of the skin react allergic. Contact dermatitis is relatively frequent. Over a quarter of the population reacts to at least one substance in the World.

How to make money manufacturing in eve online In the case of an allergy, the body’s own defense system is directed against substances which are virtually harmless. These substances are called allergens. They consist of vegetable or animal proteins, but also of inorganic substances such as metals, and are normally harmless. If the immune system still fights it, it is called an allergic reaction.

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Why do i feel extreme fatigue?

follow link Why do i feel so fatiguedFatigue or exhaustion is a common symptom. Everyone knows the feeling of being tired, weak and exhausted because it can affect everyone at some point in their life.

source Fatigue or exhaustion is almost always temporary and can be attributed to specific and very different causes such as lack of sleep, a day of intense and stressful work, a tiring trip, a stressful situation or excessive exercise.

go to site However, behind exhaustion, weakness and exhaustion can also hide illness, especially if the discomfort is long lasting and goes beyond general laziness. If fatigue persists over time, it is advisable to go to the GP for review. Permanent fatigue is a symptom of many diseases. In some cases, symptoms such as weakness, lack of vigor and constant fatigue may be due to chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS).

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What causes stork bites in newborns? Stork bite causesA stork bite is found at newborn babies. It is a special form of the nevus flammeus. For most children, stork bite disappears in the first years of life. Read here everything important about the stork bite.

kennenlernen akk Immediately after birth, the benign lesion, which can reach a size of about five millimeters to ten centimeters, can be recognized as a red, irregular, but clearly defined spot. Stork bite usually appears in the neck of newborns. Sometimes, this special form of the lesion is found in other areas of the head (such as the forehead, eye or nose) and is also often referred to as the “angel kiss”.

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What is a female condom?

Female condom typesThe female condom is a contraceptive method used to prevent unwanted pregnancies and to protect against sexually transmitted diseases such as AIDS, hepatitis, syphilis or gonorrhea.

The female condom provides women with a greater degree of autonomy to prevent infectious diseases. With the female condom it is not essential that men use a conventional condom, but it is the woman who decides on the use and protection of a condom.

The female condom is a soft polyurethane or transparent latex tube that is inserted into the vagina as a second skin before maintaining intercourse. The female condom forms a barrier between the vagina, cervix, labia majora and the penis.

Since the female condom can be taken up to eight hours after inserting it into the vagina and it is not noticeable at all, it is a contraceptive method that offers a lot of flexibility and spontaneity.

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Development of the immune response

Immune response systemWhen our immune system defends itself from pathogens, both the specific and nonspecific immune systems take part in the development of the immune response.

The development of the immune response begins when trained cells of the immune system identify the foreign body: this identification is achieved thanks to the extraneous surface structure of the intruder, for example a bacterium. The structure of the surface is made up, among other things, of special proteins, antigens.

Certain cells of the specific immune system, B lymphocytes, can create specific proteins “antibodies” to fight against these antigens that are fitted as a key to their lock. A protein that has characteristic of an antibody, are the so-called “immunoglobulins”.

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Structure of the immune system

Specific immune systemThe structure of the immune system is very complex, just like the tasks it does: it protects our body from disease-causing pathogens, while making it immune to its influence. This is because the immune system differentiates between foreign and own ones.

Immunity is subclassified in the innate part and is present from birth (nonspecific or innate immune system). In part, the human being acquires immunity through a learning process, in which the Immunsystem develops molecules that can recognize a certain type of proteins of another type, these are the specific antigens (specific or acquired immune system).

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What is subclavian steal syndrome?

Subclavian steal syndromeSubclavian steal syndrome is a circulatory disorder of the brain. It occurs by a narrowing of an arm artery near the clavicle (arteria subclavia). Patients often experience dizziness or vision problems. The subclavian steal syndrome can be cured by invasive procedures. Here you can read everything about the subclavian steal syndrome.

Subclavian steal syndrome is a very rare circulatory disorder of the brain. It occurs when arteria subclavia is narrowed. This constriction is usually caused by a calcification of the vessels. In order to better understand the causes of a subclavian steal syndrome, a look at the anatomy is worthwhile:

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What is tarsal tunnel syndrome?

Tarsal tunnel syndrome causes Tarsal tunnel syndrome is damage to the tibial nerve (tibial nerve) in the area of the ankle. The tunnel is formed by the inner ankle of the foot with a tight band. The tibial nerve  controls the foot soles muscles and the muscles of the lower leg, which is responsible for flexion of the leg.

Furthermore, all perceptions in the area of the lower leg, the heel and the sole of the foot are guided through the nerve to the central nervous system. When the nerve in the tarsal tunnel is irritated by permanent pressure, the tarsal tunnel syndrome occurs. Foot and lower leg are mainly affected.

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What is Tourette syndrome ?

Tourette syndrome Tourette syndrome (TS) is a neuropsychiatric disorder that manifests itself in so-called tics. Tics are spontaneous movements, sounds, or expressions of words which are produced without the will of the person concerned. This is comparable with sneezing or a hiccup. Tics in the Tourette syndrome can only be controlled to a limited extent.

People with Tourette’s syndrome can cause some irritation in their environment. Depending on how frequent and violent these tics are, they significantly limit the quality of life of those affected.

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