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Mononucleosis Symptoms and Treatment

What is MononucleosisMononucleosis is also known as glandular fever or EBV infection. It is caused by Epstein-Barr virus. Typical symptoms include fever and lymphadenopathy. Mononucleosis primarily affects adolescents and young adults. Among the adults, everyone has almost an infection with the Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV). After an EBV infection,people usually have  a life-long immunity aganist the virus and can’t be infected again with mononucleosis.

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Drug Allergy Symptoms and Treatment

drugsIf drugs have unwanted side effects, there is possibly allergy behind the case. Then, for example, a drug eruption arise: This is an allergic skin rash that often occurs when the body reacts overly sensitive to certain ingredients of the drug. In addition, allergy can cause more different symptoms.

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Acai Berry Benefits

Acai Berry BenefitsAcai berries have an anti-inflammatory effect, increase mental focus and appetite of the body. Its dark purple color indicates its high content of antioxidants and protects against cell damage and strengthens the immune system. Acai berries help against arthritis, erectile dysfunction and lower high cholesterol levels. They stimulate detoxification processes in the body, help to weight loss, prevent skin blemishes and circulatory disorders.

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What is Campylobacter infection ?

CampylobacterCampylobacter infection leads to inflammation of the intestine (the so-called. Campylobacteriosis), which is associated with diarrhea. They usually heals by itself.

Campylobacter naturally occur in the intestinal flora of many wild animals suc as pets and farm animals.This is excreted in the feces. People mainly get indirect transmission of the pathogens:People usually take contaminated food of animal origin or contaminated drinking water with Campylobacter. An infection is also through a direct transmission from animals to humans or from person to person possible which is called ‘’Lubrication infection’’.

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What is Amoebic Dysentery?

What is Amoebic DysenteryAmoebic dysentery is a tropical bowel disease which is transmitted through contaminated drinking water or food. Nearly ten percent of the world’s population are infected with the parasite. Especially travelers to tropical and subtropical countries may become infected.If amoebic dysentery is not treated , amoebas may spread to organs throughout the body and cause death. Here you can read everything you need to amoebic dysentery.

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Erysipelas Symptoms and Treatment

What is Erysipelas A erysipelas is a localized inflammatory disease of the skin.It often occurs on the lower legs and also can occur anywhere on the body. Most bacteria use minor injuries of the skin to penetrate into deeper layers of the skin. Erysipelas can be controlled well if it is detected early and treated effectively. Here you can learn more about the erysipelas.

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Age Spots Symptoms and Treatment

What are Age SpotsAge spots (lentigo senilis, solar lentigo) are benign lesions that occur increasingly in late adulthood.  Few centimeters large dark spots are formed mainly on the face,on the back of hand,on the neckline and on the forearms.

Age spots are caused by pigments that accumulate in the epidermis. This occurs when the skin is damaged by long-term UV irradiation or when free radicals increase in skin.People are over 60 years are affected more. In this age group,nine of ten people have age spots. Depending on your lifestyle and UV exposure severity form pigment spots.

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What is Abscess ?

What is Abscess An abscess is a pus-filled cavity in the tissue.Body builds a capsule around abscess to prevent its spread further. Usually abscesses are extremely painful. An abscess is produced by bacteria that have entered from the outside in the body.For example, a graze on knee,cutting oneself while shaving or ingrown hair may lead to an abscess.

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Amazing Benefits of Baobab Tree You Should Know?

What is BaobabBaobab helps combat stress, beautifies the skin and strengthens the immune system. Baobab fruit is used to treat many diseases . It has protective and regenerative ingredients which are very popular in the cosmetics industry. Baobab fruits contain essential vitamins, minerals, digestive fiber and antioxidants. They increase the energy metabolism, support the function of the nervous system and protect against disease which cause cell damage.

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What Are Polyps ?

What are PolypsColon polyps are benign protrusions of the intestinal mucosa. After years , it can turn to malignant transformation: Cancer mainly develops from polyps in the colon. Therefore, it is important to remove polyps in time.

Polyps can reach a size of a few millimeters to several centimeters. Based on the tissue which they are distinguished different types of polyps in the colon.

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