Diet For Irritable Bowel Syndrome Diet for Irritable Bowel SyndromeThe irritable colon or colitis is a syndrome that affects up to 20% of the population and leads to a poor bowel movement, swelling and pain in the abdomen. Knowing how to live with this syndrome is close related with how to adapt to the dietary needs that we will have to follow from now on to alleviate this discomfort and achieve a better quality of life. From now on, you will have to exclude common foods and consume other foods with nutritional characteristics which are more appropriate to this disease.In this article , you will learn an irritable bowel diet that will be very beneficial to improve the symptoms of this syndrome.

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forum trading Irritable bowel syndrome does not affect all the people at the same way.That is why, symptoms will differ from one another. What you have to do is assess which foods contribute to irritable bowel disease to eliminate them as soon as possible. For this you can elaborate a daily agenda with the products that you consumed and know which of these products affect you more or less. Each individual has a different lifestyle that has to adapt to their new problem. And the best thing to relieve impending symptoms is prevention, so knowing our body well will help you detect the best foods for your new diet. These symptoms appear 6 hours after you have ingested the food.

  1. Eat little and often
  2. You should chew each serving at least 20 times to get it well.
  3. Small amounts of food are important.Because a large food overloads the intestine and causes the food to ferment and rise to an excess of gas that causes more pain in the colon.
  4. Eating slower is satiated faster, not getting full.
  5. Do not lie down right after eating, it is not good for people with irritable bowels because lying down does not perform the digestion very well. If you need to lie down a bit, do it on the left side, as it has been shown that this position helps make digestion easier. You can take this posture even to sleep at night.

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go to link Irritable Bowel SyndromeBeware of fiber, you have to know the two types that exist and consume only the most beneficial to your body in these circumstances:

Soluble fiber (oats, legumes, brown rice, dough, flours) softens the stool and helps you go to the bathroom more painlessly.

Insoluble fiber (Bran, bread) acts as an irritant.

Choose foods with soluble fiber that will not alter your irritable colon. You can have fruits, such as banana, raspberry, melon, mango, orange, kiwi and watermelon in your diet to irritable colon, since they have a lot of vitamin B that helps to regulate the nervous system and the correct functioning of the digestive system. Fruits with vitamin C such as banana, orange and red fruits also help to protect the tissues of the body and sometimes, the acid of the orange can fall ill. If this happens you should eliminate it from your diet.

Along with the fruit,It is better to have greens daily. In the case of vegetables such as carrots and pumpkin, they will benefit you with its inflammatory, antioxidant and regulatory properties of the intestinal tract. Consumption of chicken and fish is recommended, as long as it is well cooked. It can also incorporate some infusions into the irritable colon that will help you feel better each day.

enter site Foods to Avoid with Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Eliminate dairy and wheat from your diet. We know that these are two very common foods that have to be part of our daily diet, but if you do not want to suffer the discomfort of the irritable colon, it is best that you exclude them from your nutritional plan. You will see that you will feel a lot of relief by not only ingesting them, since they are very heavy products for our intestines and do not help to improve your problem.

If you want to ingest dairy products, choose those without lactose since they do not cause fumes that produce discomfort to the irritable colon. Eliminate spicy dishes and drinks with caffeine and fizzy drinks; Also eliminate processed foods, since they do not contribute nutrients. Avoid fatty foods at all costs, such as fried foods or some meats. Example Diet for Irritable Bowel

This would be an example of an irritable bowel diet that can alternate to your liking as long as you know which food you have to ingest to a greater or lesser extent. To avoid getting bored, combine foods, but make clear those you should eliminate to make your digestion easier and to relieve the symptoms of this syndrome.

click here Breakfast

A glass of soy milk or rice that can accompany with a different food every day, such as 40g barley or 2 rice crackers, a handful of raspberries, cornflakes, etc. Lunch

It may vary daily, such as eating rice biscuits with avocado puree, a whole wheat bread sandwich with smoked salmon and apple, a Greek salad, rice salad with arugula and canned tuna, a soup accompanied with a slice of bread Integral with hummus.

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A soy yogurt accompanied by a sesame or oat cream. A banana puree, or any of the fruit we mentioned above, oasted whole wheat bread and rice crackers.

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Baked chicken with soy sauce and vegetables, accompanied by basmati rice, omelet with steamed vegetables, a white fish on the plate with mashed potatoes, chicken breast with sautéed vegetables, any vegetable puree with brown bread, tuna or salmon in the Plate with spinach and rice.

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