High Estradiol Levels

watch Estradiol is female sex hormone and an estrogen. Until recently, it was believed that these hormones were only found in the woman’s body, however, we now know that we also find this hormone in the testicles of man. Being a hormone, it is responsible for carrying out different processes in the body, most of them related to the sexual organs. Therefore, a mismatch in your levels can cause changes in the way the body carries out these processes.

follow What is Estradiol?

halo mcc matchmaking very slow As we have just mentioned, estradiol is a hormone produced in the human body, both in men and women. It is popularly known as the female hormone because until recently, it was thought that it was produced by women. Its presence is in the ovaries and testes, where it is secreted to fulfill its functions, but is also produced in smaller amounts, both in the brain and in the arterial walls.

Lyrica purchase online australia Estradiol increases and decreases their levels during periods of ovulation and pregnancy in women. In fact, many of the female fertility problems are due to very low or very high levels of estradiol in the uterus. Either way, estradiol is also used as a treatment for different menopausal symptoms, such as:

  • Vaginal dryness
  • Heat waves
  • Irritation
  • Osteoporosis

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http://agauchepourdevrai.fr/?fuier=femme-cherche-amour-france&c0f=d9 Estradiol levels are measured through blood tests. It is common among women who are undergoing fertility treatments to make a periodic evaluation of estradiol values to see if they are suitable for fertilization.

how to get premarin If you are worried about your estradiol levels, simply by asking for a blood test, your doctor will know if you are well or not. But, what are the causes of high estradiol? High oestradiol is the result of some type of problem in the ovaries, some difficulty in the area of ​​the ovaries that has repercussions in the production of this hormone and that affects your organism making impossible or very difficult the fertilization. Another major cause of high estradiol is the onset of menopause. When the woman’s reproductive cycle is almost over, it is normal for the hormone’s presence in the blood to go off.

single kegeln schweinfurt High Estradiol Levels

get link enter site Consequences of High Estradiol

High estradiol is not a good sign, in addition to the difficulties involved in fertilization and pregnancy, high concentrations of this hormone can also trigger the development of different diseases in both men and women:

  • In women, a high concentration of estradiol increases the risk of developing endometrial cancer
  • It greatly increases the chances of suffering a cardiovascular accident
  • It increases the chances of breast cancer in both men and women

site de rencontre filles gratuit How to Reduce High Estradiol

If you have started to notice that one side of your body numbs, you feel inflammation or heat in the breasts or if you often notice cramps in the lower belly you should consult your doctor for a blood test and know if you have too much estradiol high.

If so, depending on the levels you are on, you may be prescribed aromatase inhibitors, a product that acts as a blocker in the production of estradiol and is used in different treatments for breast or endometrial cancer.

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