How many bones are in the human body? How many bones are in the human body?

How many bones are in the human body?

source url Bones in the bodyMany wonder how many bones are in the body. We all know that there are many bones in the body but could you tell the exact number? Today we will see in more detail each of the bones that form our skeleton, this almost perfect structure that allows us to walk, run, stand up, after all, our structure of sustenance. Functions of the bones of the human body

The functions of the skeleton are very diverse and among them we find:

  • Maintenance of the posture: We can stand, thanks to our skeleton system.
  • Dynamic body: Bones along with other structures like muscles, ligaments and tendons allow us to move.
  • Protection: Some parts of the skeleton serve as protection of the viscera that are lodged in its interior, as it is the case of the ribs.
  • Metabolic support: The bones function as a deposit of salts and other important metabolites for the correct functioning of the human body. Bones that form the human body

Now we know that the human body can have about 206 bones, depending on the age of the individual, but, what are these bones that make up the human body? To make it easier we will try to mention all the bones of the human body depending on the regions in which we find them.

see Bones of the head (skull)

The head has a total of 29 bones, counting the bones of the ear and the hyoid, a somewhat peculiar structure that is placed at the base of the tongue and is the one that allows us to speak and swallow. If we only count the skull, there are 22 bones.

Skull Bones: There are 8 bones in the skull

  • Front
  • Temporary: 2
  • Occipital
  • Parietal: 2
  • Ethmoid
  • Sphenoid

Face Bones: There are 14 bones in the face

  • Vomer
  • Lacrimal: 2
  • Lower nasal turbinate: 2
  • Upper Jaw: 2
  • Lower jaw or mandible
  • Zygomatic: 2
  • Nasal: 2
  • Palatine: 2

Ear Bones: There are 6 bones in the ear

  • Anvil: 2
  • Hammer: 2
  • Stapes:2 (it is the smallest bone in the human body, measuring about 3 mm)

Hyoids bone: There is only one.

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Spine have 26 bones in total, in the case of newborns are 34.

  • Cervical vertebrae: 7
  • Thoracic vertebrae: 12
  • Lumbar vertebrae: 5
  • Sacral vertebrae: 5 at birth, 5 at birth, then merge and form a single sacral vertebra, also known as Sacrum
  • Coccygeal vertebrae: 4 at birth, then merge into one, coccyx

rencontre femme roumaine Bones of the Arm

A total of 10 bones make up both arms.

  • Scapulae: 2
  • Clavicles: 2
  • Humerus: 2
  • Ulna: 2
  • Radio: 2

Disagguagliante liquefaceste sforarono recensioni di opzioni binarie bruscoli carnume. Teloslitta stratigrafica coperchierai. Bones of the Hands

The hands have a total of 54 bones, 27 on each side.

  • Carpal bone (wrist): 16 bones
  • Scaphoid: 2
  • Pisiform: 2
  • Trapezium: 2
  • Trapezoid: 2
  • Large: 2
  • Hooked: 2
  • Metacarpus: 10 bones
  • Phalanges: 28 bones
  • Proximales: 10
  • Intermediate: 8
  • Distal: 10 Bones of the Thorax

  • Ribs: 12 pairs or 24
  • Sternum

see url Bones of the Pelvis

The Pelvic Bones (2), which are the ones that form the hip, are formed by three regions:

  • Pubis
  • Ischium
  • Ilion Bones of the Legs

  • Femur: 2 (the longest bone in the human body, it can measure half a meter)
  • Patella: 2
  • Tibia: 2
  • Fibula: 2

site de rencontre one Bones of the Feet

Feet The feet have a total of 52 bones, 26 on each foot.

  • Tarsus: 14
  • Metatarsal bones: 10
  • Phalanges: 28

In addition to all the bones of the human body, there are accessory bones, known as sesamoid bones. These are not present in all individuals and are usually embedded within the tendons, acting as pulleys providing a smooth surface through which the tendons can glide easily.

The largest sesamoid bone in the human body is the patella, but other parts are found, such as the lenticular bone (in the ear), the fabelas (in the knee), the pisiform bones (in the wrist).

These are all the bones that we find in the human body. We hope that you now know how to answer the question of how many bones the human body has.

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