How to know if I have kidney stones?

see url StonesKidney stones are solid masses made up of crystals of various sizes that are lodged in our kidneys. Also known as kidney stones, it can take a long time to form, so the patient does not suspect its existence until the first symptoms appear. But how do I know if I have kidney Stones? In this article, we explain in detail the first signs of this condition. binäre optionen echt click top option broker n 1 Please be carefull about symptoms at the following if you think you have kidney stones:

  • Kidney stones take time to form depending on the type of calculation can take weeks or months, during this period are usually asymptomatic. Once the stone in the kidney begins to go down the ureter into the bladder is that the patient begins to experience the first symptoms and discomfort.
  • One of the first symptoms of kidney stones is pain that occurs on one side of the back or in the abdominal area. This discomfort can also be felt in the pelvis, groin or testicles depending on the location of the kidney stone and its size.
  • If your urine has a much more intense color than usual no matter what time of day you are in, it is a possible sign of a stone in the kidney.
  • Another common symptom of kidney stones is urinating with blood, a signal that usually alarms patients. If your urine has blood, it is very important to see a doctor for a check to help determine if you have stones in the kidney.
  • Other symptoms of kidney stones include fever, vomiting and nausea, although these do not always occur.
  • The treatment for stone in the kidneys will depend on the type of stones, its size and where it is located. It can dissolve on its own through the ingestion of abundant liquid, dissolved by medication or require surgery in cases of very large stones, urine blockages or kidney damage. If you suspect that you have stones in the kidney, we recommend you visit a doctor for a complete review.

conto demo trader binario What to eat when you have kidney stones?

get link Kidney stones are a common problem that often results from our diet and lifestyle, so once we are diagnosed, certain dietary changes will help decrease symptoms and improve our condition. If you ask yourself how to eat if you have kidney stones, we give you all the necessary recommendations to improve your condition in

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follow site ثنائي الخيار المتطرف follow url Please be carefull about some foods at the following if you think you have kidney stones:

  • One of the most important habits that you must include in your daily routine if you suffer from kidney stones is to drink water. This condition is more common in people who ingest little fluid and therefore urinate little.
  • It is important to consume between a liter and a half and two liters of water a day, because calcium can always worsen the stones in the kidneys with low mineralization. In addition it is recommended to reduce the intake of beverages with caffeine since they can produce dehydration. Take into account that although in the early hours of the day it is normal that your urine is dark, throughout the day your urine must be clarified. If urine does not clarify, that means you dont drink enough liquid.
  • The stones in the kidney are often formed by excess calcium, if you have kidney stones it is very important that you must reduce your intake of foods rich in calcium. Consume only two servings of dairy daily, preferably low in fat. Moderate intake of milk, yogurt, cheese and butter. If you opt for bottled water, choose the one with low mineralization. It also reduces the consumption of other foods rich in calcium to keep your kidneys healthy.
  • When consuming protein, you should choose lean meats. This is especially important when eating if you have kidney stones and also suffer from high uric acid. In this case opt for chicken, turkey, white fish and lean meat with very little fat.
  • Excess salt in the diet favors fluid retention which can aggravate the picture of stones in the kidneys. That is why, it is important to take a low salt diet and avoid dehydrated foods, pickles, soups and prepared and other products high in salt, such as sausages.
  • Another important recommendation regarding diet if we have kidney stones is to moderately ingest fat-rich products. Sausages, desserts, ice creams, whole milk, fried foods and junk food should only be consumed little, because very fatty foods make kidney stones worse. It is better to avoid these food as possible as it is.
  • Many stones in the kidneys are made of calcium oxalate, it is advisable to avoid ingesting certain foods that contain it like seafood, spinach, beets, chocolate, peppers and blue fish in such cases. You can also ask your doctor to provide you with a complete list of foods that you should avoid eating if you have this type of stone in your kidneys.
  • Depending on the cause of stone formation in your kidneys, your doctor may find it necessary to apply additional modifications to your diet in order to help eliminate kidney stones and ensure your recovery.
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