How To Stop Storing? How To Stop Storing?

How To Stop Storing?

Questo perché in quel momento RSI si trova in una zona di ipercomprato sopra 80 e ipervenduto sotto i 20.. , cashback, Stop SnoringSnoring is a phenomenon that is widespread among society. It consists of making involuntary, strong and irregular sounds through the mouth or nose during sleep. Snoring usually occurs during sleep and roommate of people who snores suffer from this condition. There are different types of snoring. The difference is mainly focused on intensity, timing and duration of snoring. These variations depend on age and gender.

Men tend to snore more often than women. Usually, people of adulthood are affected. Approximately 20-46% of adult men snore, depending on age more than 50% of men over 50 years of age snore. In the case of women, only 8 to 25% of adult women snore.

The causes of snoring can be very diverse and can not be determined the reason why they occur. Most people who snore have a primary snore. This occurs when the muscles of the veil of the palate relax during sleep and a vibration occurs in the area of the soft palate by the entrance and exit of the air when breathing. Treatment is not always required for these snoring cases.

There are risk factors that predispose to snoring. This is the case of overweight, alcohol and tobacco consumption. For this reason, leading a healthy lifestyle that includes maintaining proper weight and avoiding the consumption of toxins can be very beneficial in reducing snoring. There are also other alternatives to treat snoring but it is true that completely eliminating the snoring habit of a person can become very complicated.

Snoring can also be related to respiratory problems such as sleep apnea. In these cases, snoring is usually especially intense and irregular. Normally, the patient does not usually rest at night because he does not have a restful sleep and during the day usually shows drowsiness.

Narrowing of the airway during sleep (by relaxing the pharyngeal muscles) “closes” the throat, preventing the passage of air, there is a pause in breathing, an apnea. The repetition of this phenomenon reduces the supply of oxygen and increases the levels of carbon dioxide which causes alterations of the heart rate. This situation ends up with having long-term effects on the lung and increases the risk of developing cardiac pathology.

site de rencontre ado montreal What is the definition of snoring?

Snoring is an involuntary, intense, and irregular noise emitted during sleep, produced by vibration of the soft tissues of the upper airway (soft palate, bell or uvula). Snoring usually present during the nocturnal rest but there are people who also snore when they are sleeping the nap at some time of the day.

Snoring problems

The most common primary or simple snoring is one that does not significantly affect the oxygen supply and does not alter the electrical activity of the heart or the cardiovascular health of the person. The primary snoring does not cause any sleep disorder and the person does not show signs of drowsiness during the day.

A snore may be harmless but it can also be the sign of associated pathologies such as obstructive sleep apnea. In this case, snoring may increase the patient’s risk of developing cardiovascular disease in the long term. Sleep apnea affects approximately 4% of men and 2% of all women.

opcje binarne forum 2015 What causes to snoring?

The causes that cause snoring are simple and are usually not related to other more serious pathologies. The characteristic intense noises that are emitted during the sleep are produced by the vibration of the veil of the palate by the relaxation of the muscles of the zone of the soft palate during the dream. The posture of a person while sleeping also directly influences the presence or not of snoring. Sleeping at the top can increase the intensity and frequency of snoring because in this position the tongue moves towards the back of the oral cavity and slightly obstructs the passage of air. Conversely, if you fall asleep down, the intensity of snoring decreases and may even disappear.

Causes of snoring

opcje binarne z bonusem bez depozytu Risk factors

There are risk factors that increase the likelihood of a person snoring. The main factors are:

  • Being overweight is intimately linked with snoring. The higher a person’s BMI, the more likely the person to snore. A person with severe overweight usually has a fat increase in the neck area and this reduces the diameter of the airways making it difficult to pass air
  • Being on treatment with sleep-promoting drugs
  • Advanced age
  • Being a man
  • Consume alcohol before bed
  • To be smoker
  • Have nasal congestion
  • Snoring usually occurs from the throat. However, in some cases they originate in the nose. In addition, there are anatomical alterations that can also be the responsible cause of snoring
  • Alterations in the palate
  • Uvula too large and wide
  • Excess mucus in the palate and throat area

rencontre jo black What are the symptoms of snoring?

The primary snoring is manifested by the following symptoms:

  • Intense emission, irregular sounds related to the rhythm of breathing during sleep
  • Sensation of dry mouth upon awakening

If snoring is a symptom of another pathology, other associated symptoms may appear as:

  • Headache that usually manifests in the morning
  • Feeling tired and exhausted during the day, with constant sleepiness and risk of falling asleep suddenly
  • Alterations of memory
  • Concentration problems
  • Depression
  • Erectile dysfunction How To Diagnose Snoring?

To diagnose the primary snoring, it is necessary to carry out a complete anamnesis to elaborate an adequate clinical history of the patient. In addition, it is advisable that any person who has snoring problem should come with his couple to doctor. If necessary, your doctor will refer you to the referral specialist: the otolaryngologist, or you can also work with a sleep specialist.

Even when snoring can be considered a disease on its own, in some cases the type of snoring may be different, constituting a symptom associated with sleep apnea.

Snoring problems

In order to be able to establish a differentiating diagnosis, the patient is often asked questions about the following data in order to diagnose the cause:

  • Sleep habits and daily routine
  • Eating habits during the day
  • Consumption of alcohol or drugs
  • Existence of history of nocturnal respiratory problems
  • History of sleep disorders (insomnia, for example)
  • Sleep during sleep of apnea pauses (interruptions of breathing) of at least 10 seconds of duration, usually interrupted by a particularly intense snoring. The number of pauses can be from at least 10 in an hour (in mild cases) to more than 30 / hour (in severe cases)
  • Presence of drowsiness or tiredness during the day
  • Alteration of the ability to concentrate during the day
  • Predisposition to suffer micro dreams during the day or to feel the need to sleep at some point in the day because they feel moments of sudden fatigue

After the anamnesis with the otolaryngologist, a complete physical examination is performed, including an examination of the nostrils, throat and pharynx. In this way, it is determined whether snoring is related to an anatomical abnormality.

Thanks to the measurement of the vibrations that are emitted during the nocturnal breathing can be located in which place of the airways are created the snoring. This technique uses a special catheter that is inserted in the nose and allows to make very precise measurements. Study of the dream

If snoring is associated with possible sleep apnea or other related sleep disorder, it is necessary to complement the physical examination of otolaryngology with a sleep study.

This test monitors different variables during sleep (heart rate, respiratory, blood oxygen saturation, blood pressure …) and does a study of the patient’s sleep patterns.

click Endoscopy

In certain cases, it is necessary to have the patient undergo endoscopy of the upper respiratory tract. This test is performed when the patient is awake. The size of the tongue, the size and length of the uvula, the size and shape of the tonsils and the tensile capacity of the muscles of the palate are analyzed. A study of the structure of the nose is also performed.

go How To Treat Snoring?

Depending on whether the objective is to reduce the intensity of snoring or when snoring is a symptom of another pathology, it will be necessary to treat this disease.

bdswiss berichte Conservative treatment

There is no treatment that is effective for all snoring cases. However, there are simple measures that are very beneficial and can greatly help a patient who snores.

Being overweight is a predisposing factor to snoring. For this reason, people who snore that are overweight should  lose weight. The results are usually appreciated quickly. Quitting smoking and reducing alcohol consumption at night are factors that are also very positive. Maintaining a proper sleep rhythm and rest has a direct influence on the quality of sleep and snoring.

If the snoring is not related to any pathology (primary snoring) it is advisable to follow the following recommendations. These are very effective in reducing the intensity of snoring. General measures to reduce snoring are:

  • Lose weight
  • Limit alcohol consumption at night.
  • Adopt a proper posture at night. If snoring is more intense when sleeping upside down, it is advisable to avoid this position (for this we can sew a pocket in the back of the pajama shirt and introduce a tennis ball, the discomfort caused by the ball to be placed on the top will cause The patient is rotated by decreasing the time spent in this position during the night).

follow url Alternative measures to reduce snoring are:

  • Quitting smoking
  • Abandoning sleeping pills
  • Use a splint at night to relax the jaw and keep the airways clear
  • If there are respiratory problems due to abnormalities in the nose, it is advisable to treat the underlying problem
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