How long does marijuana stay in your system? How long does marijuana stay in your system?

How long does marijuana stay in your system?

marijuana in your systemBefore starting to learn how long marijuana stays in human body, it is better to get some information about what marijuana or weed really is.

Marijuana name actually comes from Mexican workers who used the Mexican term “Marijuana” for drugs, probably derived from the Spanish form of the name “Maria Johanna”.

The real name of marijuana is hemp. Cannabis is the Latin and scientific name for hemp, a crop grown in the USA since the 17th century, among others. People have been using cannabis for more than 10,000 years. As food, as a raw material, as medicine and as a drug.

Marijuana is a green or gray mixture of dried, finely chopped flowers and leaves of the hemp plant (Cannabis sativa). The essential active chemical substance in marijuana is THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol), which also appears in other forms of cannabis.

Let’s get back into our topic, marijuana can stay in your system depending on some factors. These factors determine the affects of marijuana in the human body. But, it is also impossible to say that marijuana affect all the human being as same. These factors are mostly: Age, weight, type of cannabis and the amount of consumed cannabis.

Since everyone has a unique body metabolism, cannabis will not show the same effects and reactions in everyone. People’s eating habits, lifestyles, the geography they live in, the speed of their metoballism, and their health status are the most important factors that influence their body system. Therefore, after each person’s use of cannabis, different results may arise due to these factors.

It is common rule that if you consume more cannabis(marijuana), it will take longer time for the body to remove marijuana out of the body. People who smoke marijuana occasionally should not be worried about this condition.

rencontre pour mariage musulman How to understand that you have marijuana in your system?

There are several tests to check if you have marijuana in your system. Most common tests are used to check THC in your body are urine drug test, saliva drug test and hair follicle drug test.

When marijuana is consumed, THC levels rise temporarily in body and THC levels can be detected by several tests in the body. Urine test for marijuana

Urine test for cannabis is the most common way to detect whether you have marijuana in your system or not. Urinte testing is also cheapest way and has long detection period.

When you are having urine test or any other tests for marijuana in your system, these tests do not test for THC itself. These tests aim to check ‘’THC-COOH’’, which is metabolite of THC.

The most common limit of urine tests for cannabis detection is 50 ng/ML.

After the use of cannabis, it is impossible for anyone to tell you exactly how long you will test positive for marijuana in your system. One of the biggest reasons for this is that every human’s metabolism is different and it varies.

According to some studies, marijuana has been observed to remain in the urine for a long time. The duration of the presence of cannabis in urine depends on how often it is consumed. As a result of the research, the duration of the presence of cannabis in the urine is also determined:

  • If you consumed marijuana for the first time, marijuana will stay in your system for about 5 – 8 days.
  • If you consume marijuana 2- 4 times in a week, marijuana will stay in your system for 11-18 days.
  • If you use cannabis 5 – 6 times in a week, cannabis will stay in your system for 33 – 48 days.
  • If you are heavy user of cannabis and get it everday, cannabis will stay in your system for 45 – 65 days.

source site Blood tests for marijuana

Blood tests are different from urine tests for the detection of marijuana in your system. Blood tests measure the levels of the active chemical substances of marijuana in your system.

Smoking cannabis excessively may take up to 4 weeks to get the THC out of the blood. If you are also overweight, THC can be detected much longer in your blood.

In a THC blood test, the actual, psychologically active substance can only be detected for approximately four to six hours. This depends on the frequency of consumption and the quantity.

If the THC-carboxylic acid is measured, the test result is positive for one to three days for single use, three to seven days for repeated consumption, and several weeks for regular consumption.

see url Hair tests for marijuana

Studies show that hair testing for drugs is the fastest and growing method of drug testing used by employers. Hair tests have been proven to be more accurate than other drug tests. Hair testing provides the longest detection compared to other scanning methods and covers approximately 3 months of time.

THC reaches the hair follicles through the blood vessels found in the scalp and is stored in the roots of hair follicles. As hair grows in hair, THC continues to stay in hairs. Only a small hair sample is required for testing whether you have marijuana in your system or not.

black girl white boy dating tumblr Salvia tests for marijuana

Salvia testing for marijuana is easier and cheaper than the other test methods. This type of testing is mostly used by road police officers to check drivers to detect if they have marijuana in their system. THC does not stay longer than hair or blood. Generally, THC will last stortest time in the saliva.

These are the estimated values that marijuana can stay in your system due to intake rate:

  • For single use: up to 24 hours
  • For frequent use: up to 72 hours
  • For chronic, heavy use: up to one week

go site. full hookup rv sites in colorado. fare soldi online con opzioni What kind of factors do affect to stay marijuana in your system longer?

One of the most curious topic is how long marijuana stay in your body after the consumption or smoking of cannabis and which factors have the most effect on this duration. In general, no one can answer this question clearly. The biggest reason for this is that each person has a unique metabolism of his / her own.

Factors that affect some people may not affect the other people. So no one can give a clear answer about how long marijuana stay in your system. However, we can give a close answer by looking at the statistics that are already available depending on the results of the tests and researches done before.

follow url The main factors affecting the detection of cannabis in the body are:

  • here Marijuana intake frequency: How often do you smoke? Do you smoke cannabis everyday or what is the exact consumption of cannabis as monthly?
  • The amount of cannabis use: How much amount of cannabis do you smoke? What is the total weight of cannabis that you consume as monthly?
  • Your body weight: It is known that in people who are generally fat and have more fat in their body, THC is more difficult to clean.
  • Doing sports or exercises: As you know, some of the toxins are removed from the body by sweat. If you are doing sports and active in daily life, THC will be cleaned faster and easily from your body.
  • Metabolism: As we mentioned above, everyone’s metabolism work differently. If you have a fast-acting metabolism, THC will be removed from your body faster than people who have slow metabolism.
  • The condition of liver: Most of the marijuana is processed in the liver. If there is a disease or problem in your liver, your liver will process cannabis slower and this will make it more difficult to get rid of it.
  • Eating habits: It is easier for people who consume healthy food to clean their body from THC.
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