What Are Chiggers?

Chigger and chigger typesChiggers are very small creatures. It is very diffucult to see or to notice them with naked eye. Chiggers are also called as berry bugs, harvest mites, red bugs, scrub-itch mites and aoutas in many regions. They are red in color and have six or eight legs due to types of chiggers.

Chiggers mainly live in forests, damp areas such as woodlands, gardens, lakes, streams, lawns and golf courses. They live in everywhere in the world where enviroment is suitable for their mechanism to survive. There are two types of chigger, adult and juvenile (larvae) chiggers. Juvenile is called larvae chigger which you must watch out this type of chigger. Because, juvenile chiggers bite humans and animals and cause some reactions on the skin. Their color are mostly red,orange,yellow or straw-colored and smaller than 0.3 millimeters long.

After hatching from eggs, juvenile chigger can’t go far away where they were born. It is too diffucult for juvenile chiggers to fly or travel another places. They stay together as small groups on small leaves, bushes, soil ground or attach to animals or people.

What are chigger and types

People or animals are mostly biten in the late spring, summer and early fall. These creatures are most active when the tempature is between 76 and 87 degrees F and they die when tempature drops under 43 F.

Chiggers feed with liquefied cells mostly. When chiggers attached on people or animals, they can stay on the body for a long time if it is not noticed. Chigger bites can be seen anywhere in your body and cause itching. Chiggers bite humans and animals in the area of clusters around the waist or lower legs. These bites usually cause itching and red dots on the body. Itching can last a day to several days depending on the severity of bites on the body.

Some chigger bites can be very intense and prevent people’s daily tasks. If you have severe itching due to chigger bites, you may get help from professional doctors. As far as we know that, chigger bites do not cause serious complications or diseases. If you are a guy and you get bite in your groin area, you may have a condition which is known as “summer penile syndrome.” This syndorme causes itching, swelling and discomfort peeing. These symptoms which are due to summer penile syndrome can last for a few days to several days depending on the severity of the condition.

enter site What are the symptoms of chigger bites?

Most of the time, chigger bite can’t be noticed by the sufferer. After the bite, chigger starts to inject its digestive enzymes into the skin and symptoms begin to appear on the biten area. Most common chigger bite symptoms are at the following:

  • İtching or severe itching
  • Reddened of the biten area
  • Red dots like pustule or blister
  • Bleeding due to instense scratching of the red dots

haircki Home remedies for chigger bites

Chiggers are small mites which belong to family of spiders.Chiggers are mostly found in grassy,woody and any places with thick vegetation.Chiggers usually attack ankles, armpits, behind the knees, groin, and waist.Chigger bites can cause irritating and itchy on the skin. But, these conditions can be treated with some home remedies methods.

Remedies for chigger bites are at the following:

How To Get Cytotec Prescription in Flint Michigan Taking a hot shower

If you notice that you are bitten by chiggers, it is recommended to take a bath with hot water.When you are taking a bath , you should use mild soap which will help you to reduce the effects and causes of the chigger bites.

watch Applying ice on the effected area on skin

You should put an ice pack on where you have been bitten by chiggers.This method will reduce the effect of itching on your skin.After you put ice pack for a while , you can also put tropical cream on your skin.

http://aquanetta.pl/?kostromesp=opcje-binarne-program&3e4=b4 Applying baking soda

Applying baking soda on effected skin will reduce to symptoms of chiggers. You need to mix a teaspoon baking soda with clean water until it becomes consistent paste.

legit dating websites Using a dryer

One of the best method for chiggers is to use a dryer on affected place.Take a hair dryer and turn it to high setting level and blow it to affected areas of your skin.This will help to reduce itching sensation and will also help to reduce itching from the bites on legs.

http://chennaitrekkers.org/2012/01/being-santa-christmas-celebration-wi/ Applying nail polish

You can pour some nail polish on affected area on your skin. After pouring polish nail , you should wait for a few minutes.After all this , you will coat the affected area with nail polish for two hours.This will help to decrease the intensity of the itching ans swelling.

http://creatingsparks.com/wp-cron.php?doing_wp_cron=1498624576.0083758831024169921875 Using ace bandage

Most common problem you will have when chiggers bite you is to have intense itching and swelling on your skin. That is why, the main subject is here to stop or decrease excessive itchiness on your body. You can Wrap affected area with an ace bandage and this method can decrease the itchiness on your skin.This wrapping method will help to interrupt the air supply of the affected area of your skin and will decrease the intensity of itching.

Applying calamine lotion

Calamine Lotion consists of zinc oxide which helps to decrease intensity of chigger bite’s effects on your skin.You can get calamine lotion from drugstore and apply where chigger bites caused redness and itching on your skin.You need to apply calamine lotion on your skin gently and slowly.After applying calamine lotion on your skin you can and Wrap the affected area with ace bandage.

site de rencontre badoo fr Listerine mouthwash

One of the best home remedy for chiggers is to have listerine mouthwash.Because , listerine mouthwash consist some ingredients which have anti fungal and anti itchy.

  • You must wash up your affected skin with listerine mouthwash and let your skin sucks it inside.
  • You can also pour listerin mouthwash on cotton ball and apply on your affected skin.

questions speed dating Castor oil

Other home remedy for chiggers is castor oil.This oil is produced from castor beans and have lots of property for health.Castor oil consists of miconazole which it is antifungal agent.There are also other chemicals in castor oil that helps in health problems.You can also use castor oil to reduce itchiness and irritation on your skin.All you need to do is pour castor oil on your skin and wait your skin sucks it.

http://killjoytattoo.com/?kremeni=internet-partnersuche&c60=3c Vicks VapoRub

Most of the people apply vicks VapoRub on their skin for getting rid of the effects of chiggers. This method is recommended by all sufferers who had chiggers bite before.

  • You should get some vicks vaporub and add some salt to it. After adding salt, wait for a few minutes and apply affected area on your skin.
  • If you notice that you have been bitten by chiggers, It is better to apply it immediately on your skin.
  • Best time for applying vick vaporub on your skin is at night because of when you wake up next morning, swelling on your skin will be gone and rashes will be reduced fastly.


Aspirin is also known and called as acetylsalicylic acid (ASA).It is a medicine which is consumed to treat mostly for pain,fever and inflammation.It is also used to get rid of from chiggers bite.

How to apply aspirin for chiggers is;

  • Take some aspirin tablets and crush them until they turn into fine powder.
  • Mix aspirin powder with clean water and make a paste of it.
  • Apply aspirin paste affected area on your skin and let it dry on your skin.

Tea Bags

Tea contains tannic acid which has anti inflammatory property. That is why, it is recommended to apply on skin when there are possible bites caused by some insects.Applying tea bags on affected area will reduce the possible inflammation and will give relief to sufferers.Tea bags method is also one of best home remedy for chiggers bite.

  • All you need to do is when you have been bitten by chiggers are;
  • Dip tea bag into hot water and wait 2 minutes.
  • After dipping tea bag into hot water , you need to refrigerate tea bag until it is enough cold for applying
  • After all is done, you need to place cooled tea bag on the affected area on your skin.


There are lots of health benefits of oatmeal.Oatmeal consists of beta-glucan which is one of the most important factor to lower blood cholesterol. Oatmeal is also used to lower the effects of chigger bites.Anyone who is bitten by chiggers can use to stop itching and other effect related to chigger bites.

This is the method to get rid of chigger bites by using oatmeal is;

  • Put some oatmeal into saucepan and add water inside it. Then wash oatmeal until you are sure that it is cleaned.
  • After cleaning oatmeal with water, start to cook oatmeal for 30 minutes.
  • Refrigerate cooked oatmeal until it is cooled.
  • After all this done, get cooled oatmeal and rub on your affected skin gently.

Questions and answers about chiggers

There are lots of myth stories about chiggers that make people nervous.You will learn all the real facts and learn what myths are about chiggers in this article.If you can’t find what you are looking about chiggers on this article , please don’t hesitate to ask on comments.

  • Are chiggers contagious?

Chiggers aren’t contagious and there aren’t any cases that show chiggers are contagious.You must be carefull when you are walking or wandering outside where chiggers can be.

  • How to get rid of chiggers?

There are some ways to get rid of chiggers as home remedies and also treatment as medical. If there is not any severe condition, chigger bites normally don’t require treatment in hospital. You can apply on hot water, cooked oatmeal, cooled tea bag and other methods which is mentioned on the above.

  • What do chigger bites look like?

You will not notice if you are bitten by chiggers. Because, they are too small to see with naked eye. After a while from chigger bites, you will have some itching with red dots or swelling on your skin. Chigger bites mostly look like a mosquito bite or any harmless insect bite.

  • What do chiggers look like?

Chiggers are too small with naked eye.Chiggers are separated in two forms as juvinele and adult mites.juvineles have 6 legs and are in red colour.Adult forms of chiggers have 8 legs and are also in red colour.You can see the real pictures of chigger at the following.

  • Are chiggers poisonous?

Chiggers aren’t poisonous.

  • How long do chigger bites last?

Chigger bites normally can last two or three days. There are also some cases which can last between 2 weeks to 3 weeks. There is also one important factor for chigger bites that makes it longer is scratching. You should not scratch your affected skin hardly.If chigger symptoms last longer than a week , it is recommended to consult a doctor.

  • Do chigger bite dogs?

Dogs can easily get chiggers if they run ,play or sleep a place where chiggers live.It is also very easy for chiggers to spread on dogs.

  • Do chigger bites cause to death ?

There are not any cases which chigger bites caused to death both on people and animal.

  • How to destroy chiggers around my enviroment?
  1. Mow your lawn regularly and keep it short, especially around the edges where the grass meets landscape beds or woody areas.
  2. Keep landscape beds weeded and remove accumulated leaf litter.
  3. Trim and prune landscape plants regularly to keep them from becoming overgrown.
  4. Remove brush piles from your property.
  5. Because chiggers avoid sunny areas, eliminating shade in your yard can reduce chigger populations.
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