10 Amazing Health Benefits of Jiaogulan

Jiaogulan PlantJiaogulan is known as the herb of immortality and a new hope to many cancer sufferers. Jiaogulan consists 3 times more saponins than ginseng and stimulates the formation of endogenous immune cells which prevents the growth of cancer cells.

Jiaogulan has an adaptogenic effect and adapts to the situation of the body. It helps to calm the body under stress and fill with energy and vitality.

Jiaogulan has an impact on cholesterol levels, normalizes blood pressure, protects the heart and increases fat metabolism. Users from Jiaogulan report within a week on the first positive effects:

The energy is increased enormously,

Endurance is increased

Restful sleep and mental alertness are increased

Perception and physical performance are  increased immensely

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Jiaogulan plantsJiaogulan is a herbaceous, slender plant. It reaches a stature length of about 5-8 meters and is decorated with leaves. Jiaogulan plant often survive only year but sometimes it can take several years.

At harvest, individual leaves are picked off, separated from the stalks and then they are eaten dried or fresh. Many small leaves can be used freshly in salad or as tea. For medicinal purposes mature and fresh leaves are preferable.

Jiagulan leaves are recommended to consume fresh for better effect.

Jiaogulan dates back to southern China, a region that is known for the longevity and vitality of its inhabitants. Unique nutritional diversity and healing effect is the reason for the name “herb of immortality”. Since the 13th century, Jiaogulan is used in Chinese medicine for incredible healing purposes and is characterized as an excellent immune booster.

Large number of saponins and apaptogene property make Jiaogulan as immortality herb.

The numerous antioxidants and saponins protect against free radical damage, reduce the destruction of the cells and the membranes. Jiaogulan is completely caffeine free, helps against insomnia.

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Jiaogulan is one of the best adaptogenic herb with important polysaccharides, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, flavones, saponins and many essential trace elements. Jiaogulan is a valuable addition to a healthy diet and helps the body with extraordinary healing properties.

follow site Jiaogulan Saponins: Jiaogulan contains many saponins, which are also known as Gypenoside. The structure is very similar to the Gypenoside Ginsenoiden in ginseng. Exactly this Ginsenoide make the ginseng as efficiently and impart wonderful healing powers. Research has shown that ginseng contains 28 saponins and Jiaogulan has  82 saponins.

This large number of saponins are reason for the adaptogenic effect of Jiaogulan. The saponins regulate a number of body systems, such as blood pressure, reproductive system, digestive system, immune system, mental function as well as the vitality and energy supply.

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Jiaogulan is one of the most powerful and effective adaptogen in the world. Adaptogens adapt to the respective body needs and help them to return into balance. They have amazing healing abilities and bidirectional functions.

Depending on the condition of the body, the adaptogens can raise or lower state of the body. So they are able to reduce high blood pressure and in turn to increase a low blood pressure. If a person is tense and hyperactive, Jiaogulan calms the nerves.

One reason for the immense adaptogenic property in jiaogulan is the variety of saponins. They also help in weight gain , weight loss, and interact with the digestive system and regulate hormone function in men and women.

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Jiaogulan tea has an alkalizing effect on the body. It helps to flush harmful toxins from the body and neutralize acids.Jiaogulan Tea

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Jiaogulan stimulates the body’s production of antioxidants. High antioxidant levels are the key to strengthen the immune system and slow down the skin aging. Jiaogulan increases the number and resistance of white blood cells and stimulates the production of lymphocytes and phagocytes.

Doctors in China regularly prescribe jiaogulan for their cardiac and brain patients. Jiaogulan strengthens the immune system in a natural way and accelerates recovery after illness.

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Studies have proven that Jiaogulan improves the contractility of the heart muscle and the heart pumping function. So the saponins in jiaogulan can increase the strength and endurance in the body and provide a remarkable boost of energy. Jiaogulan is not only for sports enthusiasts and athletes,it is also for seniors who have lost their strength and endurance.

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The adaptogenic properties effect of Jiaogulan help to achieve optimal body weight. By washing out the toxins, fat can be broken down. Belly fat, body fat mass and body mass index decrease.

The adaptogenic properties of Jiaogulan helps to utilize better. They also increase satiety and normalize the caloric intake. Jiaogulan helps the body to utilize the maximum amount of nutrients and normalize body weight.

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Stress has a huge impact on health. Due to stress problems such as hypertension, anxiety, headaches and insomnia may occur. In very severe cases can even lead into stress-induced production of cortisol for Cushing’s syndrome. The physiological systems are brought into imbalance, weakened and ill.

The saponins in jiaogulan have a regulatory effect on the body. They bring a wide range of biological systems, such as blood pressure, blood sugar levels, the immune system, reproductive system, central nervous system and the endocrine system into balance. Jiaogulan increases the natural ability of the body to respond to a wide range of internal and external stress.

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Studies show that jiaogulan lowers LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) while the HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol) levels increase. Jiaogulan improves fat metabolism, reduces blood fat levels and decreases lipid peroxidation in the blood vessels. The reason for this is : Large number of saponins and their adaptogenic effect on the human body.

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Gypenoside in jiaogulan improve the function of phagocytes. Phagocytes are specialized white blood cells which digest cellular waste products and invading pathogens. Thereby, they strengthen the body’s immune system and increase the body’s defenses.

Gypenoside shows an equally similar protective effect in the endothelium (the layer of cells lining the blood vessels).

Regular consumption of jiaogulan increases’’ release of nitric oxide’’ in the body. Nitric oxide helps to relax coronary blood vessels to lower blood pressure and  improve the overall metabolism of the heart.

Jiaogulan against cancer

Jiaogulan stimulates the cells of the body’s immune system and prevent onset of cancer cells. Jiaogulan inhibits the growth of tumors, enhances the number of white blood cells, increases the antibody levels and increases the T-and B-lymphocyte levels. Investigations have shown that jiaogulan is effective against esophageal, lung, breast, uterus, prostate, brain, kidney, thymus and skin cancer affects.

Jiaogulan is an equally great miracle cure for cancer treatments such as radiation and chemotherapy. Research has shown that jiaogulan greatly increases the number of white blood cells and their resistance.

Jiaogulan against asthma

Jiaogulan tea is traditionally used to treat pneumonia. Studies have found that hyperresponsiveness of airway is reduced by jiaogulan tea. This effect was visible especially in asthmatics and people with a higher tendency to bronchospasm.

What are the side effects of Jiaogulan ?

The consumption of Jiaogulan is generally regarded as safe. If Jiaogulan is overdosed or eaten fast in large quantities , it can have side effects. Such as nausea or an increase in bowel movements. Pregnant and lactating women should talk with their doctor before consumption of jiaogulan.

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