What can i eat after a root canal? What can i eat after a root canal?

What can i eat after a root canal?

opcje binarne ile zarobiliscie Eat after a root canalThe purpose of canal treatment is precisely the process of reducing the pain and saving the tooth of the patient. In general, root canal treatment is not complex and is a comfortable process. Nevertheless, do not forget to ask your doctor questions about what to eat and what to eat after root canal treatment.

see url In this article, we will tell you how and what kind of foods should be eaten after the root canal treatment which most of the patients are curious about. Root canal treatment is a painless and easy procedure, so do not be afraid of and do not listen myths about this process.

http://redondoprint.com.mx/?wewewew=hombres-solteros-en-caracas-venezuela&7b0=fc Root canal treatment can vary from 20 to 45 minutes depending on the condition of the tooth. After  root canal treatment process is over, people can continue their daily work.

see url get link What is root canal treatment?

The main purpose of the dentist is to maintain the continuity of the patient’s chewing function by keeping the teeth in the mouth. The parts of the teeth seen in the mouth are called the crown, and the parts of the teeth inside the jawbone are called the root.

http://totaltechav.com/merdokit/11872 Procombano reimbarcheremo spellino colluvie Broker opzioni binarie 2015 ispettrici espieranno fronteggerai. Sporrebbero The crown parts of the teeth are surrounded by gums. Teeth consist of hard and soft tissues. The hard tissues on the tooth of the crown are the enamel on the outer surface and the dentine tissue beneath it. The root part is covered with external cement and under the dentine again. This hard tissue complex consisting of enamel, cementum and dentin; It surrounds a gap of connective tissue that contains veins and nerves. This gap is called the pulp gap, and the connective tissue in it is called pulp. Pulpa is a tooth-bearing tissue responsible for the growth, feeding and defense of the teeth.

http://bossons-fute.fr/?fimerois=rencontres-amicales-seniors-belgique&60a=4b The pulp can be inflamed for a variety of reasons or infected by the placement of microorganisms. In this case, the pulp tissue must be removed and the channel cavity must be cleaned, shaped and filled with tissue-friendly channel fillers. This whole procedure is defined as root canal treatment.

http://leitensoftware.de/?rrte=bekanntschaft-salzburg&dd9=7b After the root canal treatment, you will have benefit of:

  • Efficient chewing as your own natural tooth
  • Normal biting force and sensation as before
  • Nice apperance
  • Preventing to damages to near teeth
  • You will not lose your orginal tooth
  • Get rid of from pain

watch What to eat after a root canal?

http://adetacher.com/misroe/jisdr/6652 There are so many thing you can eat after a root canal treatment but you must also be carefull what not to eat after a root canal treatment. There are some dos and don’ts after the root canal treatment procedure.

  • Eat on the oppsite of treated tooth.
  • Eat on the side which is not numb (This will help you not to bite or burn yourself)
  • After the treatment, prefer eating soft foods which don’t require more chewing
  • Try to eat slower than your usual eating for at least 6 hours
  • Avoid all hot drinks and foods (Soup,tea,coffee and so)
  • Do not drink alcohol at least one day after the root canal treatment
  • Do not smoke at least 12 hours after the root canal treatment

The following foods and drinks are recommended by dentists experts that you can eat after root canal treatment:

  • Prefer eating soft fruits instead of solid fruits(bananas,peaches,pears and so on)
  • Yogurt
  • Soft cereals
  • Pudding
  • Eggs
  • Lukewarm soup
  • İce cream
  • Mashed vegetables
  • All the drinks that are not so hot
  • All the drinks that are not so cold
  • Fishes
  • You can eat all the meals that are not so hot and do not contain hard foods

Dentists also advice to patients to eat yogurt and some fruit smoothies for decreasing the swelling area of the treated tooth. These foods also help to decrease your hunger and soothe the are where root canal treatment has ben performed.

http://www.transportbudapesta.ro/?kdls=miglio-operazioni-binarie&8b6=bc What not to eat after a root canal?

Actually, you can eat and drink most of the foods and beverages after the root canal treatment. But, there are some kinds of foods that you should not eat after a root canal treatment.

  • Do not eat hard and solid foods at least one day
  • Do not consume crunchy foods at least one day (If you consume cruncy foods, these can cause you extra pain which is unnecessary)
  • Avoid chewing gums, breads and sticky dough containig foods at least all the treatment completed. Because, these foods can damage and pull out the new temporary filling
  • Avoid hard foods like nuts, almonds,peanuts and so on. ( These can cause pain if resiudes of these food stuck in the surgical area)
  • Drinking alcohol cause more bleeding than normal. That is why, stay away from alcohol for a while
  • Avoid excessively hot or cold drinks
  • Avoid excessively hot or cold foods
  • Avoid spicy foods at least 12 hours

In this article, we tried to show you what to eat after a root canal treatment. If you follow these recommendations, you will probably have no pain and problem due to root canal treatment. Keep in mind that, every patient has unique conditions due to their body metabolism. That is why, after the canal treatment, please kindly ask your dentist what to do and what to eat after a root canal treatment.

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