What is a female condom?

Female condom typesThe female condom is a contraceptive method used to prevent unwanted pregnancies and to protect against sexually transmitted diseases such as AIDS, hepatitis, syphilis or gonorrhea.

The female condom provides women with a greater degree of autonomy to prevent infectious diseases. With the female condom it is not essential that men use a conventional condom, but it is the woman who decides on the use and protection of a condom.

The female condom is a soft polyurethane or transparent latex tube that is inserted into the vagina as a second skin before maintaining intercourse. The female condom forms a barrier between the vagina, cervix, labia majora and the penis.

Since the female condom can be taken up to eight hours after inserting it into the vagina and it is not noticeable at all, it is a contraceptive method that offers a lot of flexibility and spontaneity.

Female Polyurethane Condom

The female polyurethane condom measures 17 centimeters and has a flexible ring at both the open and closed ends. The ring at the closed end of the tube serves to introduce the condom with the fingers into the vagina. The condom is properly placed on its own, just behind the pubic bone, which keeps it still inside the vagina. The other soft outer ring at the open remains outside the vagina during the sexual act and covers the vulva area.

Female Latex Condom

The latex female condom has at its closed end a soft polyurethane sponge. This is placed in front of the uterine orifice. It facilitates the introduction of the condom and stabilizes it during sexual intercourse. The female latex condom has a V-shaped ring at the open end. This V-folded side should be oriented inwards when the condom is inserted into the vagina.

How to use female condom?

The female condom can be worn for 8 hours before sexual intercourse and is introduced into the vagina with the smaller ring. If the female latex condom is used, it should be ensured that the open V-shaped ring is inserted into the vagina with the tip of the V oriented toward the center of the canal. The open ring should be flat and visibly over the outer lips of the vulva.

The female polyurethane condom is treated with a lubricant with a non-spermicidal silicone base that facilitates its introduction into the vagina. An additional lubricant with water or grease may be added.

In the case of the female latex condom, only water based lubricants should be used. Other lubricants can attack the structure of the latex and reduce the protection of the female condom.

During sexual intercourse, the outer ring must be held while the penis is inserted. This ensures that the female condom does not move during penetration or the penis is inserted next to the condom.

 Female condom usage

In the case of the female polyurethane condom, a crackling sound may be heard. If this sound is annoying, lubricant is recommended.

To remove the condom, tighten the outer ring, turn the condom several times so that the sperm is retained in the condom and carefully removed from the vagina. The female condom does not have to withdraw directly after sexual intercourse.

Each female condom is disposable and can be eliminated with household waste.

Female condom safety and benefits

The female condom is as safe as the male condom. As the outer ring covers both the lips of the vulva and the base of the penis, the female condom offers greater protection against infectious diseases.

The female condom can remain in the vagina until ten hours after having sex and does not require a male erection to place it. In this way it offers more possibilities for spontaneous sexual contacts. Due to vaginal discharge and previous treatment with lubricant, the female condom adheres to the vaginal wall as a second skin. Man does not experience penetration in a narrow area.

Unlike the female latex condom, polyurethane does not cause allergic reactions. There are no known side effects or risks of the female condom. Polyurethane is more stable than latex, odorless and can be used with other lubricants based on water and oil.

It transmits heat, making the sexual act more authentic and natural. Unlike latex, polyurethane does not react negatively at high temperatures and humidity, so it does not need to be stored in a special place.

The female condom should not be used together with the conventional condom because the friction between the two can lead to the breakage of one or both condoms and it is no longer an effective contraceptive method.

The Pearl Index is a statistical method that is used to determine the effectiveness of contraceptive methods. The value of the female condom’s Pearl index is 3-25, as used with a correct technique.

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