Abscess Symptoms, Causes and Treatment Abscess Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

What is Abscess ?

click here What is Abscess An abscess is a pus-filled cavity in the tissue.Body builds a capsule around abscess to prevent its spread further. Usually abscesses are extremely painful. An abscess is produced by bacteria that have entered from the outside in the body.For example, a graze on knee,cutting oneself while shaving or ingrown hair may lead to an abscess.

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Mostly, abscess occur directly under the skin because of first pathogens contact with here. An abcess causes extremely vague feeling pressure or pain at the beginning. Subsequently, symptoms can cause severe pain in every contact with abscess.

A superficial abscess can be usually identified by the classic signs of inflammation.

  • The affected area is :
  • Reddened
  • Swollen
  • Extremely sensitive to pressure

Factors that increase the formation of an abscesses are for example:

  • Weakened immune system
  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Chronic inflammatory bowel disease (such as Crohn’s disease)
  • Existing damage on skin (psoriasis or eczema)
  • Skin lesions (for example, due to accidents, surgery, catheters)
  • Hygienically poor wound care
  • Tight and abrasive clothing

As a General rule: If you discover an abscess, you should consult a doctor – especially in the case of an abscess in the face! Home remedies or ointments from the pharmacy can only help in the early stage and in the case of very small abscesses. The reason is that abscesses build a barrier against the surrounding tissue. Blood or medicines can get only poorly or not at all to the inflamed tissue.

The only effective treatment is to remove the abscess surgically. How operation looks exactly, depends on where the abscess is located and how it is big.

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When an abscess is on the butt , it is also called anal abscess. Most commonly an abscess occurs on butt between the 20 and 40 years – especially among men. The cause of an abscess is usually an inflammation of the small glands in the anal canal, called proctodeal. If the lining of the anal canal is irritated by frequent visits to the toilet and very hard toilet paper, bacteria can easily enter the body and cause infection of proctodeal.

By inflammatory swelling clog the excretory glands, so that the pus can not drain. If the pressure in the proctodeal is too large, the pus can spread into the surrounding tissue and lead to a painful abscess on butt.

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An abscess can have different causes.Bacteria can penetrate in the body by small injuries of the skin as a starting point. This is usually the bacterium Staphylococcus aureus. Frequent visits to the toilet and using very hard toilet paper cause an abscess on butt and an irritated mucous membrane in the region of the anal canal.

Under certain circumstances, injected syringe can also cause abscess. These abscesses come barely today due to the high hygiene requirements in hospitals and medical practices.

Bacteria are not always the cause of an abscess. Chronic inflammation – such as Crohn’s disease or tuberculosis can also lead to abscesses.

source Abscess Symptoms

The first signs of a superficial abscess is an externally visible inflammation of the skin – much like a large pimple. The affected area is:

  • Reddened
  • Swollen
  • Extremely sensitive to pressure
  • Abscesses are extremely painful because of the inflammation , especially when moving or touching.
  • If you have an abscess on your butt,you can have pain when you sit on somewhere.
  • The swelling and redness in the area of the anus is easily visible
  • Inflammation spreads further and the pain increases in the course of disease.

Doctor can easily identify these abscesses under the skin.

Larger abscesses that affect the internal organs can also :



Headache and body aches.

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Abscess located just under skin is not complicated to diagnose.It is recognized by typical symptoms of inflammation.

The affected area is:

  • Reddened
  • Swollen
  • Hot
  • Extremely sensitive to pressure

Diagnosis oc abscess

Deep-seated abscesses are not visible from outside or not felt. Abscesses which are formed in the kidneys or in the lungs can be detected with the help of imaging techniques. These include:

An ultrasound examination,

A magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

A computed tomography (CT).

In addition, a blood examination is also helpful to diagnose abscess. The doctor will examine the blood to certain signs of inflammation, and antibodies against the pathogens responsible.

An increased number of white blood cells (leukocytosis) and an increase in the concentration of C-reactive protein are further signs of an abscess and can be used for diagnosis.

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Treatment consist of an operation which doctor removes pus surgically.Doctor opens the abscess with a small section, so that the pus can drain.Treatment also depends on several factors :

  1. Size
  2. Location of the abscess
  3. Which pathogens cause the inflammation

click here Surgery

Surgery is the only effective way to alleviate the pain associated with an abscess.Pus is completely removed from the body. Surgery is performed either under general anesthesia or under a regional limited partial anesthesia depending on the part of the body.

ladder option broker Abscess Process and Prognosis

Abscess’s process and prognosis depend on various factors :

  • Size
  • Location of the abscess
  • Treatment

It is important that abscess must not be pressed in any case. Especially, abscesses on the face or in the mouth. If abscesses are detected and treated in time, they usually heal without complications. Complete healing can depend on the size of the abscess cavity.

It is important to clean the open wound daily. After surgical removal of the anal abscess baths can speed healing and you must pay more attention to hygiene when you go to toilet.

If an abscess is treated improperly, there is a danger that an abscess can form again in wound. Therefore, it is important to be completely removed and not to press abscess.

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