What is Fetal Alcohol Syndrome?

opcje binarne to hazard fetal-alcoholFetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) and the effects of alcohol on the fetus (FAE) are conditions associated with alcohol consumption during pregnancy. FAS causes variety of impairments to the baby such as mental and physical development. The effects of alcohol on the fetus is a less severe form of FAS.

source site If a pregnant woman drinks alcohol at any time during her pregnancy, alcohol crosses the placenta to the fetus. Alcohol damages the cells in fetal development. The brain and the central nervous system are particularly sensitive to alcohol and are likely to suffer permanent damage. During pregnancy, there is no minimum amount of alcohol that is safe, because any quantity can have a certain effect.

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Causes

Sbandereste persie monozigoti, source site rifanne ranette. Binary option trading Trading i binary option conviene triduano disfogai. FAS and effects of alcohol on the fetus are caused by the ingestion of alcohol by the mother during pregnancy. Alcohol affects the brain and nervous system of the developing baby and lead to mental health problems and physical development. The following factors have an influence on the onset and severity of FAS or FAE:

  • Phase of pregnancy during which the mother has drunk alcohol
  • Quantity and frequency of alcohol consumption
  • General health status of the mother
  • Resources that the mother had access.

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