What to do when dog bites? What to do when dog bites?

What to do when dog bites?

http://creatingsparks.com/?endonezit= itemprop=And sLEEp(3) Dog bitesKnow the problems that may occur due to a dog bite and how to act aganist to dog bite.

ligar con chicas de 12 aГ±os Although many dogs are docile and calm, dog bite is always a possibility when we come in contact with an unknown animal, since even the most affectionate pets can have such a reaction when they feel threatened or in danger.

who is chico debarge dating Feared by many reasons, especially by postmen, who are often chased by dogs during their work. Dog bites can cause serious injuries and illnesses like rabies and other zoonoses and should be well observed and treated immediately in their occurrence.

If you are biten by an unknown dog, call ‘’911’’ as soon as possible. There are some people ignore to call emergency or to go hospital for dog bites, do not act like these people.

binäre optionen sicher handeln In some cases, even bites that dogs give as a joke can end up hurting adults and children; and the situation is even more complicated when the animal’s breed is among those considered more aggressive or of greater bite force – as in the case of Pitbulls whose power of a simple sucker can reach a pressure of up to 200 kilos.

http://energocredit.am/sdsd/7897 Even the bite of dogs vaccinated against the most common zoonoses can cause problems that go well beyond simple bruises, since the saliva of the animal can count on a great variety of bacteria.

go site These bactreia can pass to an open wound and can be quite harmful to the health of humans – as well as other animals. After it passed to an open wound, it can cause infections and various types of damage to skin tissues.

Know what types of injuries and problems can be caused by dog bites, and how to clean and treat such injuries to be free from further complications.

http://hillviewfreelibrary.org/?frencyz=rencontre-femmes-ukrainienne-gratuit&01f=65 Why do dogs bite?

The reasons that lead a dog to bite someone can be very varied. In the case of puppies, for example, dog bites rarely occur because the animal doesn’t really want to attack or hurt someone. Most of the time, the pet just wants to play and interact.

However, even small squalls of puppies can already cause significant injury to people, and whoever owns a puppy should seek methods for such behavior to be controlled as quickly as possible, preventing it from becoming a habit of the their adulthood.

Feeling imminent danger and threats is also a factor that commonly triggers the aggressiveness of more attentive or protective dogs; who may end up biting unknown people to protect their owner or themselves.

Pregnancy (even when psychological) cases in dogs are also in the list of factors that increase the occurrence of bites, and not even the female owners in question are free from this type of aggression. Since when puppies have their offspring, the level of protection and care for puppies is the highest possible, and it is not difficult for the dog to attack whoever approaches the offspring.

reasons to give up on dating How many types of dog bites are there?

Dog bites can cause injuries of two main types, penetration and laceration. Each of these injuries may require different forms of treatment.

Bites that generate penetration wounds are the ones that most facilitate bacterial infection in humans, because when dog stick its teeth into the person’s skin, the dog leaves a sample of his saliva inside the wound.

Full of saliva, the deep, hot and airless wound becomes the perfect place for bacterial proliferation, further exacerbating the risk of infection, especially when the wound causes swelling which makes it difficult to clean and disinfect the affected area.

Dog bite types

In the case of lacerations, which happen when the dog bites and tears the victim’s skin- cleaning is performed more easily. However, scars are common in this type of bite, and disinfection of the region should be done immediately after the occurrence, as the bacteria in the animal’s saliva also come into contact with the mucous membranes of humans in these cases, causing infections and contamination of the person by zoonoses.

http://penizeamy.cz/friopre/2286 What are complications of dog bite?

In addition to bacterial infections (which may have different levels of severity), the dog bite may also be responsible for transmitting a number of zoonoses to humans; with being one of the most dangerous and known diseases of its kind is rabies.

Rabies is highly contagious disease. When it transmitted to humans, it invades the peripheral nerves and central nervous system and, if it is not treated promptly with specific vaccines, can lead to death.

Diseases such as scabies, leishmaniasis and even leptospirosis are also part of the list of complications that may occur as a result of dog bites, which is why immediate care is so important after such an occurrence. It is important to avoid the development of such complications.

In addition to zoonoses, different reactions can occur in people who are biten by dogs, and there are even registered cases of people who have fallen into coma and had to have some of their limbs amputated due to a bite wound.

http://skylinemediainc.com/?pokakal=opcje-binarne-opteck-opinie&222=e3 How to clean and treat a dog bite?

Fundamentally, anyone who is injured by a dog bite should seek the nearest hospital to know how to proceed in the treatment of their injuries. However, some basic care (which must be taken immediately after the bite) is essential for the consequences of this type of accident to be the smallest possible.

Before getting medical care in hospital, washing the affected area with plenty of soap and water is the first step to be taken after being biten by dog, as this can prevent the dog’s saliva bacteria from spreading and preventing the onset of worse complications.

In cases of lacerations due to dog bites, the blood flow from the bruise is most often very intense, and a great pressure must be applied in the place for the bleeding to cease; while in cases of perforation, it is highly recommended that the victim let the wound bleed for some time, as this also helps the bacteria to be expelled from the region.

Once this is done, it is recommended that the wound be cleaned with an antibacterial for at least five uninterrupted minutes; and that plenty of water is applied to the bruise for the next five minutes. After this process, a gauze or a paper towel should be placed on the wound, leaving it protected until the victim can receive medical attention.

see How to prevent dog bites?

Mostly dog bites occur in children. It is very important that children are never left alone in the same environment with dogs. This will reduce the possibility of accidents. Children should also be taught by their parents not to tamper with, approach or provoke unknown pets (especially street ones).

Strange, unknown or sickly-looking animals should always be avoided, and anyone who has a pet at home should also avoid pet contact with animals that have such characteristics. Vaccinating your pets properly is also essential to prevent their contamination by any type of zoonosis, preventing your buddy from becoming a source of infection.

Another important tip to stay away from dog bite is not to interfere fighting dogs or when dogs are feeding. If dogs are interrupted, this can be the perfect invitation for bites and injuries.

Being alert to the behavior of dogs is also important to stay away from accidents; but it’s also important to remember that when you feel threatened by a dog, you should not run or try to run away from the animal, as he may interpret this as an even greater threat by attacking him more aggressively.

The castration of dogs can also count as a positive point in bite prevention, since (in most cases) the animals become much less aggressive when they go through this process.

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